Seminar for Statistics

Applied Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design

Professor Prof. Marianne Müller Time Mo 13-15
Koordinator Patric Müller,

Diego Colombo

Place HG G 3

The lectures take place in HG G 3 starting from 26/09/2011.

Beginning of lecture: Monday, 26/09/2011. (Exercises start on 10/10/2011 with a special introduction to the "R" software)

Attendance certificate conditions: None.

Doctoral students: Attaining the exam is required for doctoral students in order to obtain credit points.


Here is a link to the exercises.

Abstract: Key concepts of experimental design. Planning and analysis of single factor experiments, block designs, full factorial and fractional designs, split-plot and strip-plot designs. Random effects and mixed effects models.

Content: Principles of experimental design. One-way analysis of variance. Block designs. Multifactor experiments and analysis of variance. Full factorials and fractional designs. Crossover and Latin square designs. split-plot and strip-plot designs. Random effects and mixed effects models.

Objetive: Participants will be able to plan and analyze efficient experiments in the fields of natural sciences. They will gain practical experience by using the software R.

Notice: Former course title: "Angewandte Varianzanalyse und Versuchsplanung" / "Applied Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments"

401-0625-01L and 401-0625-99L are mutually exclusive. You may register for at most one of these two course units.

Lecture material

Organisation: PDF

Program: PDF

Literature: PDF

Sheet "How to calculate an ANOVA table": PDF

Slides 1: PDF

Slides 2: PDF

Slides 3: PDF

Slides 4: PDF

Slides 5: PDF

Slides 6: PDF

Slides 7: PDF

Slides 8: PDF

Slides 9: PDF

Slides 10: PDF

Slides 11: PDF

Slides 12: PDF


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