[R-SIG-Mac] History problems with R.app GUI 1.20

Vili Lehdonvirta vili.lehdonvirta at hiit.fi
Fri Jul 6 15:56:14 CEST 2007


In short, I am experiencing the same problems as this poster:


I am using R 2.5.1 GUI 1.20 (4535) installed from a binary under OS X  

More verbosely:

I installed R 2.5.0 on this machine two weeks ago, played around with  
it a little, and installed packages tm and Rstem. I also  
unsuccessfully attempted to install ttda. Today I returned to R with  
the intention of continuing from where I left off. Workspace objects  
were there, but the command history only contained a couple of dozen  
entries from my first session, the last entry being "library 
(ttda)" (after which I probably quit that particular session). I  
noted that new commands were being added to the history drawer, but  
not written to .Rhistory upon exit. However, .Rhistory was touched  
every time (timestamp updated).

I proceeded to uninstall R 2.5.0 by removing /Applications/R.app, / 
Library/Frameworks/R.framework, ~/.RData, ~/.Rhistory and ~/Library/ 
Preferences/org.R-project.R.plist. I then installed R 2.5.1 without  
the additional packages, but the same problem persisted. I  
experimented with the "Save History" and "Load History" buttons with  
the same results as the poster referenced above. The history files  
produced this way look like this:

$ cat h.history




I then uninstalled, rebooted, re-installed again, and ran a short  
session. This time, the session history was saved successfully upon  
exit. However, in subsequent sessions the problem reappeared. I tried  
deleting org.R-project.R.plist but this had no effect.

The text based interface invoked from Terminal seems to work properly  
and the GUI successfully loads the history produced by the text based  

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

-- Vili Lehdonvirta

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