[R] R for MacOSX - History and command line problems

Wiebke Timm wtimm at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Mar 24 09:59:51 CET 2006


I have the following issues using "R for Mac OS X 2.2.1" (from the  
ppc-.dmg) on a Mac OS X 10.4.5:

1) The command history is never saved (automatically) to .Rhistory.  
(The file stays empty.)

2) If I save a history to some file via the "Save History" button,  
and I load it afterwards via "Load History", only the first entry of  
the saved History appears in the GUI. But: If I save that (seemingly  
almost empty) history again, the file holds all the entries that  
should have been in the loaded history file before. The loaded  
history can also be viewed with history(). In addition, if I try to  
recall the entries using the up-arrow, _alle the entries_ are  
recalled at once, allthough the history()-function seems to be able  
to consider them as _different_ entries.

3) Having typed some command and entered it with the return key, if I  
then recall that command via the up-arrow, the line _with an  
additional_ carriage return is recalled. Executing it, results in the  
command and an empty line being entered. (Of course, repeatedly  
recalling the last commands leads to a growing number of returns  
being recalled and entered...) This is quite annoying :(

I'd appreciate any help on this subject!


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