[R-SIG-Mac] NSInternalInconsistencyException in R 2.5.1

G. Sawitzki gs at statlab.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Jul 6 15:45:17 CEST 2007

Fatal error in R 2.5.1. This was not reproducible. So just for your info.


Last lines on console:
>  enc<-options(encoding="MacRoman")
>  enc
[1] "native.enc"


2007-07-06 14:53:16.531 R[1478] *** Assertion failure in 
-[RDeviceView lockFocus], AppKit.subproj/NSView.m:3248
>  options(enc)
2007-07-06 14:53:16.532 R[1478] *** REngine.runREPL: caught ObjC 
exception in the main loop!
*** Please report the following error on r-sig-mac at r-project.org 
along with the full description of how to reproduce it:
*** reason: lockFocus sent to a view whose window is deferred and 
does not yet have a corresponding platform window
*** name: NSInternalInconsistencyException, info: (null)
*** Version: R 2.5.1 (42083) R.app R 2.5.1 GUI 1.20 (4535)/ppc
Consider saving your work soon in case this problem leads to a full crash.

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