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I asked the question at stack exchange yesterday ( https://stackoverflow.com/q/50325139/632423 ) and did not get a response so far, so I repost it here:


I have the following situation: I use an external command (plantuml - http://plantuml.com/ ) to create a graph. This is done via R by using a (my) package ( https://github.com/rkrug/plantuml ). The resulting graph can be a file (png, svg, eps, pdf, vdx or LaTeX/Tikz with or without preamble) or I can send the image to stdout, using the same formats.

Now I want to plot this graph as R-like as possible, i.e. in a graphic device. At the moment I am using a temporary file, which I display using readPNG() and grid::grid.raster() which works, but I am not that happy with this approach as

	• I have to use a temporary file which I would like to avoid, and
	• it is a raster format and I would prefer a vector format.

My question is therefore:

	• Is there a way to display any of the vector formats in a graphics device in R?
	• Can I pipe stdout (the result from the call to plantuml) directly into the device (or through any function) without having to create an intermediate file?


Thanks for any [pointers,


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