[Rd] AnonCVS

A.J. Rossini rossini@u.washington.edu
13 Jul 2001 10:25:15 -0700

>>>>> "DB" == Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu> writes:

    DB> rossini@blindglobe.net (A.J. Rossini) writes:
    >> Looks like it nearly in sync with the main mirror, only 30
    >> minutes of of (a mirror of the???) main archive.
    >> The modules and the timing of the sync I know; the rest is
    >> strictly conjecture.

    DB> Are there reasons for using anonymous cvs when anonymous rsync
    DB> access is available?  Quite frankly I don't understand why one
    DB> would use anonymous cvs instead of anonymous rsync.

Reason 1: to handle local changes on a bleeding-edge that one wants to
keep for various reasons, but which would be silly to send in as a
patch (you can then merge in upstream changes onto the local copy,
etc).  I've done that twice now with R, and assume that it'll happen
again.  Does rsync tell you which files have conflicts and do the

Reason 2: I can remember "cvs update" for a subdirectory; I can't
recall the incantation for rsync which would do the same thing.
(sure, it's 5 minutes of reading the manuals, I'd assume, but I don't
have that time).

Note that both of the above are incredibly valid for omegahat, less so
for R (2x isn't much, compared to the on-going major mods I've got
for omegahat).

Maybe more to the point: are there any reasons for sane
users/developers to do this?



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