[BioC] Problem compiling hexbin with gcc 4.0.2

David Henderson dnadave at insightful.com
Thu Nov 10 05:40:38 CET 2005

Hi Kasper:

I hope all is well in the Bay area!

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> Is this on a mac? At least on a mac there are issues with gcc4 and  
> the fortran compiler and that might still be the case for other  
> systems as well. It is possible (I think) to get it working, but it is
> not really recommended unless you have a specific need for gcc4. I  
> assume that the rest of R and BioC have been compiled using gcc4?

No mac, yet.  I'm still on x86 architecture.  The cpu is actually an AMD
Athlon-XP-M.  I did compile the rest of R, CRAN, and Bioconductor (yes, all
of it) using gcc 4.0.2.  There were numerous warnings on many fortran files,
mainly due to typecasting, but so far the packages I've used that included
the warnings haven't behaved badly...

I take it you haven't upgraded to SuSE 10, yet?

> Hmm, that was not much of a help.

It's the thought that counts!!  ;^)


Dave H

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