[R-sig-ME] Why || doesn't zero out the correlations in lmer

Simon Harmel @|m@h@rme| @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Oct 8 23:32:59 CEST 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I have a 'factor' predictor called 'type' (with 4 levels). In the
random part, I have used `||` so the levels of 'type' can't correlate
with each other.

But I wonder why still correlations are reported in the output?
Thanks, Simon

lmer(y~type + (type || ID), data = data)

Random effects:
 Groups   Name  Std.Dev. Corr
 ID     type0 0.4276
          type1 0.7012   0.81
          type2 0.7115   0.72 0.97
          type3 0.7655   0.83 1.00 0.98

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