[R-sig-ME] effective sample size in MCMCglmm

Abraão de Barros Leite @b@rro@|b @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Mar 22 15:48:07 CET 2021

Hello Mathew
 My name is Abraão, I saw your answer aboute MCMCGLMM sample size.
So, please can you help me?
I am working with relation between brain mass and nest birds in my
My dataset has 250 species, but in my analysis MCMCGLMM with phylogenetic
control, I haven't convergence, with nitt=2000000, thin=3500, burnin=4000.
Please, can you help me?
How I can to improve my convergence?
Sample size=100 in the end it's ok?

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