[R-sig-ME] Help with Linear Model

Joseph Aidoo jaidoo at ualberta.ca
Wed Nov 2 19:37:35 CET 2016

My experiment was set up as a RCBD with
5 oat varieties
4 nitrogen rates
at 2 sites
over 3 years .

I am investigating the effect of Variety and Nitrogen on Yield.

In the second year of the experiment we had a drought so the data was
awful. So i expect differences in Years

I am using Variety, Nitrogen and Year as my fixed effects.
and Sites as my random effect.

I expect and interaction between Variety X Nitrogen.
This is the model i came up with

Yield ~ nitrogen*variety*Year + (Year|Site/block)

My data doesnt seem normal because of the odd year with the drought.
I have tried to normally transform the data but nothing seems to work.

I need advice on what to do next? Is it ideal to use a glmm? What could the
best model be?


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