[R-sig-ME] call for help

罗波 luob041 at nenu.edu.cn
Mon Oct 10 01:37:09 CEST 2016

Dear Experts,

Nice to meet you! I am a Ph.D. student from Northeast Normal University in China. My research field is behavioral ecology. Thanks for your contribution to develop the package 'lme4'.
That's really nice and valuable!

Recently, I would like to fit the linear mixed model using the experimental data. Following the examples listed  in the  guide, I know how to achieve it using your package. Yet, I wonder if my data
satisfy the model assumption. I have two major confusions (see followings). Would you please give me some help?

Does it require normality of model residuals, homoscedasticity, absenceof collinearity between predictors or perhaps others?

If so, how can I check whether  my data satisfy the assumption? Would you please provide some advice or R code?

Really need your help! Thanks very much!


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