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Dear Tom,

Your dataset is very small. Consider yourself lucky when a simple glm gives reasonable estimates. A rule of thumb is that your need 10 effective observations per parameter. The number of effective observations in the binomial case is equal to the number of presences or absences (the smallest of the two). If you are very lucky: 25/2 = 12. So at best you can fit a model with 1 (one) parameter. e.g. glm(Presence ~ Substrate) when Substrate has only 2 (two) levels.

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Dear All

I have a question about the use of a mixed effects model. I have presence/absence data for a mussel species collected at 25 sites. I wish to relate the presence/absence to a number of environmental variables and also want to take into account site. Is it feasible to use site as a random effect as I have only one replicate per site   e.g.

M1<-glmer(Presence ~ Substrate, (1 | Site), family = binomial, data = data)

Best wishes


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