[R-sig-ME] Fwd: Re: Regions of significance plot for multilevel logistic regression model

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Sat May 24 20:44:11 CEST 2014

 [taking the liberty of forwarding this back to r-sig-mixed-models]

I'm looking for the multilevel logistic regression equivalent of this:


with my scenario being as per case 2 in the spreadsheet


On 19/05/2014 23:00, Ben Bolker wrote:
> On 14-05-19 04:37 PM, Chris Stride wrote:
>> Hi all
>> To avoid re-inventing the wheel I was wondering if anyone could point me
>> towards some R code to plot simple slopes and the region(s) of
>> significance for an interaction between two continuous higher-level
>> predictors in a 2-level multilevel logistic regression model?
>> cheers
>> Chris
>    Could you be a little more specific and possibly provide a
> reproducible example?  Can you point to/have you found solutions of your
> problem for either (1) a plain linear model (2) a LMM (i.e. non-logistic
> but multilevel) (3) a plain logistic regression (i.e. binary response
> but single-level)?  (These would all help because they would clarify
> precisely what you want and because the general strategies might be
> extendable to your case ...)
>    Ben Bolker

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