[R-sig-ME] graphically plotting glmer results with coefplot2

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 15:57:46 CET 2013

Shane Gleason <sgleason at ...> writes:

> I am trying to graph out glmer results and am doing so with the 
> coefplot2 package.  I can get graphs to display correctly, though I am 
> not sure how to interpret the confidence intervals.  Looking at my graph 
> (as well as plot1 in the example on the help page) there appears to be 
> two confidence intervals on top of each other.  This may be very basic 
> but the archive and Google come up empty on why there are two 
> (seemingly) separate confidence intervals there.

>From "Details:" in the help page:
This function plots coefficients from bugs, lm, glm and polr with
1 sd and 2 sd interval bars. 

  In other words, the thick (inner) bars represent +/- 1 standard error,
while the thin (outer) bars represent +/- 2 standard errors.

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