[R-sig-ME] How to assess significance of variance components(Please discard previous e mail... but read this one)

Stephane Chantepie chantepie at mnhn.fr
Fri Nov 16 14:20:55 CET 2012

> maybe you have no power to estimate these kinds of models, or you have to 
centre age. 
For this trait, I have more than 100000 data on 1600 individuals with an 
exhaustive pedegree. It is huge. Clearly, the number of individuals decrease 
decrease with age so I decided to analyse from to 15 years (data until 22 year 

> Does phenotypic variance fall off with age? 

> Have you done diagnostic plots for poissonness?

Yes, I have. The distribution is poisson without any doubt. I tried to log the 

> What do simple correlations between different classes of relatives look 

Models are runnings

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