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Dear Madam or Sir

Thank you very much for your replies of my former question concerning the calculating of standard deviation/variance in lme.

I would have one further question, maybe anyone can give me an answer of it?

Do you know whether there exists a way to calculate a value similar to R² in R or do you also think, that this does not make sense for mixed linear models?



Measuring explained variation in linear mixed effects models
Xu (2002)
Statist. Med. 2003; 22:3527–3541 (DOI: 10.1002/sim.1572)



Dr. Alain F. Zuur
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2. Mixed effects models and extensions in ecology with R. (2009).
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3. A Beginner's Guide to R (2009).
Zuur, AF, Ieno, EN, Meesters, EHWG. Springer

4. Zero Inflated Models and Generalized Linear Mixed Models with R. (2012) Zuur, Saveliev, Ieno.

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