[R-sig-ME] code for multiple membership models?

George Leckie g.leckie at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Aug 6 19:36:18 CEST 2012

Dear Doug,

I found your post on fitting multiple membership models using lme4a very helpful


and I managed to get this approach on my own data.

I am now trying to follow the same approach on the new version of lme4
as this is now meant to have superceded lme4a


However, the approach no longer appears to work as the the noFit
option appears not to be supported. It also no longer seems possible
to edit the Zt matrices and so on.

Might you be able to update your previous example to show us how to
fit multiple membership models using the new lme4?

I see that there have also been some recent posts about difficulties
in manually editing Zt in other contexts, so perhaps this is general
problem for lme4 which lme4a could deal with?


Best wishes


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