[R-sig-ME] comparing 3 levels of fixed factor in lme4

Thomas Petzoldt Thomas.Petzoldt at TU-Dresden.de
Mon Jul 30 14:24:40 CEST 2012

On 7/30/2012 1:51 PM, Obermeier Andrew wrote:


> If you have a specific book to suggest I would appreciate it. I have
> Pinhiero and Bates (2000), Mixed Effects Models in S and S-Plus, but
> have not found specific mentioned of how the t value is derived there
> yet.

You may consider to read Pinheiro & Bates more carefully or consult an 
introductory text about model selection and likelihood ratio tests, e.g.:

Johnson, J., G. & Omland, K. S. (2004) Model Selection in Ecology and 
Evolution. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 19, 101-108.

> I admit my ignorance in this area, and apologize if my questions are
> dumb, but nevertheless would appreciate some civility.
 > Andrew Obermeier

... so please add a little background (or an email signature) so that it 
is possible to find an appropriate scientific and/or technical level in 
our answers.

Hope it helps


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