[R-sig-ME] Patches for lme4 / pedigreemm

Joehanes, Roby (NIH/NHLBI) [F] roby.joehanes at nih.gov
Tue Apr 17 20:47:56 CEST 2012

Hi all:

I have updated the patch for lme4 and pedigreemm against SVN release 1706 so that they can work together. Check this page:

The SVN release 1706 of lme4 reflects a big change in glmer, presumably to fix issues in glmer. I adapted my previous changes to the new source. I also unified lmer_finalize and glmer_finalize into mer_finalize, as requested. I also added options for nlmer fitting into pedigreemm. I just do not know whether such situation is needed.

In this update, I also modified the refit routine so that we can choose any optimizer we want. The fixme tag in that section can be deleted now. Other than that, I also fixed a typo in the comment (familiy -> family).

Too bad that there is no date stamp in the attachment sections. The older updates are obsolete and I have no way to delete them.


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