[R-meta] Metafor: Risk difference, forest plot

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Mon Jan 9 21:57:17 CET 2023

Dear Marc,

You need to use narrower values for xlim. See the docs for an image that illustrates the meaning of xlim:



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>Hi all, I have a question reg the layout of a forest plot in metafor:
>I am struggling with the scale of the axis for the risk difference, see image
>below. The scale of the effect size is ranging from -0.3 to 0.3, for which I am
>using at=c(-0.3, 0.3).
>How can I "extend" the space for the axis for the risk difference so that one can
>better see the CIs and symbols - it looks very narrow and squeezed? Please see
>the code I am using below. Thanks for your help!! Marc
>       at=c(-0.3, 0.3),
>       xlim=c(-20,2),
>       ilab=cbind(ICG_SLN, ICG_total, RI_SLN, RI_total),
>       ilab.xpos=c(-13.5,-12,-10,-8.5),
>       cex=.75,
>       header="Author(s) and Year",
>       mlab="",
>       textpos=c(-20,-3.5)
>       )

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