[R-meta] Collate event/proportion data from Pretest-Posttest controlled studies and one-group Pretest-Posttest studies

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Mon Jun 20 15:33:29 CEST 2022

Dear David,

If I understand your query correctly, you are asking if one can combine studies that provide 2x2 table data (for which one can compute measures such as RR and OR) and studies that provide pre-test post-test counts for a single group. If so, for the latter, one can compute measures such as the marginal log risk ratio and the marginal log odds ratio:


Note that you will either need the paired 2×2 tables for such studies or the marginal table but then you have to make a guestimate of the correlation in the paired 2x2 table data.


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>Dear list,
>in extension of the help by Wolfgang Viechtbauer from March this year
>we wonder about an additional aspect in our data (so far we have
>restricted our analyses to the effects of different agents on PD
>symptoms). The question we now have is whether we can do a similar
>three-level hierarchical meta-analysis for events/proportions. To
>briefly summarize, we would like to model the occurrence of adverse
>events for all agents and use the study type as a moderator. However, we
>are aware that "RR" or "OR" are poor choices and wanted to ask if
>someone could point us at an alternative or if we should just stick with
>the controlled studies.
>Thanks again for the help,
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