[R-meta] Heterogeneity of Multilevel Moderator Analysis

Tori Peña Tor|@Pen@ @end|ng |rom @tonybrook@edu
Thu Jun 16 17:30:17 CEST 2022

Hi folks,

Thanks for all your help!

I was curious if there is a way to get the variance composition of a
moderator analysis across the different categorical levels?

For example, I have a three-level meta-analysis with publication status as
the predictor below. When I enter the model into var.comp, I get the
overall I^2 across the different levels, but not between published versus
unpublished studies.

m_1_pub <- rma.mv(yi = yi,
                     V = vi,
                     mods = ~ DISSERTATION,
                     slab = STUDY_ID,
                     data = Relationship,
                     random = ~ 1 | STUDY_ID/EFFECT_SIZE_ID,
                     test = "t",
                     method = "REML")

i2_m_1_pub <- var.comp(m_1_pub)

Thanks again,

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