[R-meta] How to interpret the result of metabias function of the R package meta?

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Tue Mar 2 17:03:33 CET 2021

Am 02.03.21 um 16:00 schrieb Safa Aouinti:

> [...]
> metabias(res, method="linreg",k.min=7)


In addition to Gerta's comments I would like to point out that the 
classic Egger test is used if argument method = "linreg" (or method = 
"Egger" from meta, version 4.17-0).

It is recommended to use a modification of the classic Egger test for 
binary outcomes as the log odds ratio and its standard error are 
correlated. The tests by Harbord, Peters and Rücker are all available in 
metabias() - see the help file for more information and references.

Actually, by default, i.e., for the command metabias(res, k.min = 7), 
the test by Harbord is used for the odds ratio as effect measure.

Best regards

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