[R-meta] mismatch in outputs from meta-analysis and corresponding forest plot

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Mon Feb 3 18:59:23 CET 2020

Dear all,

I am conducting a meta-analysis and came across an odd issue. I ran the
model for assessing the moderator effect of a variable as per below

*subganal.lcmbi=rma(yi, vi, data=ies.logit.lcmbi, mods=~lcmbi,
method="DL")pes.logit.lcm=rma(yi, vi, data=ies.logit.lcmbi,
mods=~lcmbi=="Records", method="DL")pes.logit.records=rma(yi, vi,
data=ies.logit.lcmbi, mods=~lcmbi=="Locomotion Scoring Method",
transf=transf.ilogit)print(pes.logit.lcm, digits=3) #display subgroup 1
summary effect sizeprint(pes.logit.records, digits=3) #display subgroup 2
summary effect sizeprint(subganal.lcmbi, digits=3) #display subgroup
analysis resultsprint(pes.lcmbi, digits=3) #display recomputed summary
effect size*

and got the following output

*  pred ci.lb <http://ci.lb> ci.ub cr.lb <http://cr.lb> cr.ub  0.237 0.149
0.355 0.112 0.434*

However when plotting the corresponding forest plot I get the pooled at
0.27 (0.08 - 0.53).

Any idea of what could be producing this or what could I be doing wrong?

Many thanks,


João Afonso
*DVM, MSc Veterinary Epidemiology*
*PhD Student *
*Department of Infection and Global Health*
*University of Liverpool*

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