[R-meta] Funnel plot with Egger regression test, using R

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Dear Ms Sanders,

you could use R package meta. Given your mean differences (say, x) and your standard errors (say, se.x), you obtain a meta-analysis m1 by

m1 <- metagen(s, se.x)

The funnel plot is obtained by


The Egger regression test is done using


Further option see the help functions:
help(package = "meta")

Gerta Rücker
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> I would like to make a funnel plot with Egger regression test. On the x-axis the 
> mean difference (bias) between two methods should be plotted, on the y-axis the 
> standard error.
> I do have the mean difference and standard error. How do I command R to plot these 
> values as x- and y-coordinates in a funnel plot?
> And how do I command R to analyse Egger regression test, based on these values.
> I hope somebody could help me.
> Thank you in advance!
> Greetings M. Sanders
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