[R-meta] How to deal with "dependent" Effect sizes?

Angeline Tsui angelinetsui at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 16:08:10 CET 2018

Hello all,

I am working on a meta-analysis that may contain dependent effect sizes.
For example, there are five studies in a paper. However, study 1, 2 and 3
tested the same group of participants whereas study 4 and 5 tested
different groups of participants. This means that the effect sizes in study
1, 2 and 3 are dependent of each other, whereas study 4 and 5 are
independent of each other. In this case, how should I incorporate these
studies in a meta-analysis? Specifically, my concern is that if I put all
five studies in a meta-regression, then I am not ensuring that each effect
size is independent of each other.


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