[R-meta] weights in forest plot

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Wed Aug 22 12:59:49 CEST 2018

Hi Antonia,

This works just fine for me:

yi <- c(.23, .55, .33)
sei <- rep(.1, 3)
ci.lb <- yi - 1.96*sei
ci.ub <- yi + 1.96*sei
forest(yi, ci.lb=ci.lb, ci.ub=ci.ub, showweights=TRUE, alim=c(0,1), refline=NA)


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Hello metafor users,

I am currently making a forest plot for a meta-analysis, I am using
forest.default and am using vectors with the effect size, low CI, high CI
as input.

 I have been wondering whether there is a possibility to also display the
weights used for each study? A colleague suggested to do this via the
little squares that display the effect sizes, but I am not sure how that
would work - any ideas?

I found the "showweights" function, but when I set it to TRUE all values
displayed are "0"- how can I enter a vector with the different weights per

Thank you very much for your help.

All the best, Antonia

Antonia Sudkämper
PhD Candidate in Organizational Psychology/University of Exeter
a.sudkaemper using gmail.com

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