[R-meta] question regarding metafor and OR

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Thank you for the clarification.
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Dear Sandro,

I assume you mean that you have fitted a model with *log odds ratios* and
now you want to fit a model directly to the odds ratios.

Why would you want to fit a model to the odds ratios? Odds ratios are not
symmetric around 1, so results are going to be non-sensical (the average of
OR = 2.0 and OR = 0.5 is not 1 but 1.25, so even though the two odds ratios
are exact opposites of each other, their average yields a value above 1).
Also, odds ratios do not have a normal sampling distribution (not even
approximately), so model assumptions are therefore violated.


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I have a model with Odds Ratio and their 95%, I have also the estimates and
their standard errors

So far I have used the estimates = *yi *and the standar errors = *sei *in
the *rma* function.

But what if I wanted to use the Odds Ratio? how I should define the *vi* or
the *sei* arguments in the same *rma* function?

Thank you for your  help,


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