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antonio.facciorusso at virgilio.it antonio.facciorusso at virgilio.it
Fri Sep 8 11:13:31 CEST 2017

      Prof Schwarzer and Prof. Rucker,
      i am Dr Antonio Facciorusso from the University of Foggia
      I have recently submitted a network meta-analysis (in the
        field of gastrointestinal endoscopy) performed with netmeta,
        and among the points raised by the reviewers, i was asked
        whether i used a consistency model or not.
      My question is: does netmeta allows to perform both
        models (consistency and inconsistency random effect network
        meta-analysis)? If so, which is the code to adopt a consistency
        random effect model (as suggested by the reviewer)?
      In this paper i read that netmeta allows both models
        but i did not understand which one i obtained


      I used the following codes:

 p1 <- pairwise(list(Treat1, Treat2),list(ADR1,ADR2),time=list(N1,N2),studlab=Study,data=x) 
 where ADR is the outcome of interest (Adenoma detection rate)
net1=netmeta(p1,sm="RR",comb.fixed=FALSE, comb.random=TRUE)

Thank you in advance for your kind response



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