[R-meta] Publication Bias

Monfil Herrera, Laura lmonfil at iconcologia.net
Fri Nov 10 10:07:11 CET 2017



Dear All,


I have a doubt regardin publication bias and the metaphor function


I want to check the publication bias from a random effect meta-analysis
(proportions with double arcsine transformation and big amount of
heterogeneity I^2: 95.77%) and perform a symmetry test. My concern is
about the model that I have to use in the regtest function "lm" or
"rma". I could see in specification notes that "lm" corresponds to the
classical Egger test and "rma" to their extension. I also have checked
"Sterne, J. A. C., & Egger, M. (2005). Regression methods to detect
publication and other bias in meta-analysis" but I can't decide which is
the appropriate model to use.


Running both options, the final conclusion is couldn't reject the null
hypothesis for funnel plot asymmetry but both p_values are very
differents: lm: 0.822 and rma: 0.064.


Could you give some advice which could be the most appropriate model?


Thanks in advance.




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