[R-SIG-Mac] obsolete LaTeX software in "R CMD check" on Mac?

Adrian Dușa du@@@@dr|@n @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Wed May 13 15:45:13 CEST 2020

Not sure if this helps, but for some reason my TeX Live was not installed in Library/TeX/texbin, but in:

~ % realpath $(which pdflatex)


> On 13 May 2020, at 16:34, peter dalgaard <pdalgd using gmail.com> wrote:
> Hmm, like Eberhard, I'm not too sure this is right.
> A look at ls -l /usr/local/bin should be informative though.
> I haven't been paying that close attention, but I think the history is that TeX programs used to live in /usr/local/bin, but then Apple did something(?) so now they go to Library/TeX/texbin (and are really links that via several levels of indirection end up somewhere in /usr/local/texlive). However, old installs may still have binaries or links in /usr/local/bin. I would guess that a simple
> sudo rm /usr/local/bin/pdflatex
> could work (possibly remove some other  *tex programs as well).
> -pd

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