[R-SIG-Mac] Finding "bash" and "mv" on my hard drive?

Spencer Graves @pencer@gr@ve@ @end|ng |rom prod@y@e@com
Sat Jan 18 00:00:58 CET 2020


       How can I find the version of "bash" and "mv" that are used by "R 
CMD check" under macOS 10.15.2 Catalina?

       I ask, because my "Bitdefender for Mac" has been interrupting "R 
CMD check" for a couple of years now, saying, "Bitdefender Safe Files 
blocked a new process, bash, from accessing your protected files."  Each 
time it happens, Bitdefender allows me to tell it to "Remember this 
action:  For 5 minutes" or "For this time only" or to "Keep blocking".  
Their "Safe Files" feature allows me to give access to certain 
applications.  I've already "allowed" 36 different applications using 
that feature, including "/bin/bash", "/bin/mv", 
"/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.6/Resources/exec/R", and two 
different versions of "git".  I'm not sure, but I believe that "R CMD 
check" uses versions of "bash" and "mv" different from "/bin/bash" and 

       Spencer Graves

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