[R-SIG-Mac] R dock icon bug, OSX10.11.5, upgrade from incomplete uninstall of R3.2 to 3.3.1

Audrey Julian a.l.julian at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 02:57:40 CEST 2016


I ran into a situation where a complete deletion of all R resources
and a fresh install was needed with the upgrade to R 3.3.1. I've found
that despite following the manuals uninstall guidance, it appears
"something" R related is remaining somewhere on the hard drive. The
error presents if I right click the R icon from the Mac dock. The icon
is listing functions long since deleted from hard drive. This suggests
that the uninstall of R3.2 is perhaps incomplete. I can't tell if the
"something" extends a simple representation of old deleted files, or
perhaps there is something going on that's more significant. I've gone
down this path to clear up environment variable issues so I'm eager to
ensure I've removed .

Environment specs:
OSX 10.11.5

Investigation steps taken: I've through the manuals, rseek.org
searches on this topic but haven't been able to find a solution. Also
pestered people in an R user group locally. 1 person confirmed they
see the same weird behavior on their machine. No details on their
specs however.

Remediation steps attempted:

- Trashed R.app and Rstudio.app, emptied trash
- Followed guidance on
ran sudo rm from terminal and visually confirmed directories deleted.
- For some reason the official guide didn't mention directory, found
and manually deleted ~/library/application support/R/
- Icons were still in the dock, manually removed them.
- Unhid files, deleted all .RData, .Rhistory, etc files anywhere found
on harddrive
- Ran from terminal: defaults delete com.apple.dock, then killall Dock
- Arranged Finder "All My Files" view by application, confirmed
garbage .R files indeed weren't on hard drive
- In above step noted .R files associated with Xcode, opened Xcode and
confirmed no recent files displayed by app.
- Deleted all recently opened files by Apple > Recent Items > Clear Menu
- Rebooted and reinstalled R / Rstudio and check what happens, no change.
- Opened R, opened a different .R file. This new .R file is listed if
right clicking the icon but separated from the garbage .Rs file by a
line. Closed the test .R file, garbage still there.
- Created icon from both Launchpad and from ~/Applications/R.app,
garbage there in both methods

Regards, A. Julian

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