[R-SIG-Mac] R editor for Mac

Day, Roger S day01 at pitt.edu
Thu Jan 27 15:13:52 CET 2011

I agree, I (generally) adore using the R.app.
(I also use Keyboard Maestro to add a couple of extra conveniences,
like mimicking the behavior of control-R from windows (submitting, then advancing
to the next line), or indenting/de-indenting a block.)

I do have problems with occasional crashes or freezes, 
or editing windows that no longer respond,
apparently when the R.app editor gets
confused in its attempt to do the nice formatting respecting quotes.
Sometimes I can unfreeze a frozen R session by sending a signal from the unix terminal:

kill -4 PID
where PID is the process id obtained from the unix command ps -ax | egrep 'R.app|R64.app'  | awk '{print $1}'
(Safe, I think, when you've only got one R running.)

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On Jan 27, 2011, at 1:23 AM, Gerald Jurasinski wrote:

> Hi Kristina,
> The standard R.app is really everything you need. Build in syntax highlighting, command forwarding, function preview, package installation, managing, and loading etc. makes working with it really easy. However, if you still insist on an "external" editor try JGR (read JaguaR).
> All the best
> Gerald
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> Am 26.01.2011 um 21:16 schrieb Kristina Krsteva:
>> Hello,
>> I have never used R before and I need to use it for a time series graduate
>> course AND i have a mac. I know tinn-R is a great text editor for R that
>> works on Windows but is there anything comparable to it for a Mac? I have
>> read multiple threads and my current findings are that there is really
>> nothing like tinn-R for a mac and that TextMate comes close (but
>> unfortunately this costs), some have said that they like the internal editor
>> as well. I would like to use a more "user-friendly" editor, if possible, and
>> I've been searching for hours now trying to figure out what to download and
>> start learning, until I stumbled upon this mailing list and was wondering if
>> someone could guide me and tell me what would be the most feasible option
>> for an editor and save me some time:)
>> Thank you so much,
>> k
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