[R-SIG-Mac] R2.12 for Mac

Ivan Calandra ivan.calandra at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Nov 15 15:52:35 CET 2010

David, thank you for your answer.
If I understand you right, it looks like one should be patient during 
the installation process!

When I installed packages for R2.10, I ended up installing the 
dependencies manually one by one or else it was always installing many 
unnecessary packages (I guess they are unnecessary because I've never 
installed all of them on Windows), making the process last for ages. 
Looks like it still persists with R2.12

Regarding the packages, I thought that this website 
http://cran.r-project.org/web/checks/check_summary.html provided an 
up-to-date check of the packages, but I'm not sure it does. The packages 
were only tested with the pre-release for MacOSX and some packages (even 
the basics like plyr and reshape) show errors (which I don't really 
understand). Maybe I should just try out or contact the maintainer of 
the packages I need.

And since you've upgraded, you don't have any speed problem, as reported 
I think twice on the list?


Le 11/15/2010 15:35, David Winsemius a écrit :
> On Nov 15, 2010, at 5:24 AM, Ivan Calandra wrote:
>> Dear users,
>> I've seen a few problems on this list related to R2.12 on Mac. It 
>> looks to me that the Mac release is not really stable yet, or is it? 
>> Maybe it's just a few instances and most of you have no problems at 
>> all with it.
>> Therefore, I've kept my R2.11 on my Mac. Would you advise to upgrade 
>> or to wait some time? And if I should/can upgrade, do you have any 
>> recommendations regarding how to do it correctly (that are not 
>> included in the FAQ)?
>> Thanks for the advice!
> I installed it yesterday and had three "moments" when I thought things 
> had gone wrong, none of which proved to be enduring problems.  During 
> the install process using the downloaded bundle from the ATT site I 
> noticed that the progress bar had stopped for what seemed to be an 
> unreasonable period and realized that I had a running instance of R. 
> Quit()-ting appeared to allow progress to resume. (So my first bit of 
> potentially glaringly obvious advice would be to shutdown all 
> instances of R before the install. I couldn't find this bit of advice 
> on the Install directions but it is certainly possible that the 
> authors thought to too obvious to mention.)
> The next puzzle was when I checked the installation of the R.app and 
> R64.app GUI's. I assumed (wrongly as I eventually figured out) that 
> they would have a more recent date than 2009 when viewed in the 
> Applications folder. It turned out that they should (still) be version 
> 1.35 and that the new ones looked just like my old ones and work just 
> fine.
> The third "moment(s)" was when reinstalling package rms and dependent 
> packages. I first tried installing the binary versions from my CRAN 
> mirror and nothing seemed to be happening in hte time frame to which I 
> have been accustomed. I "Force quit". I then restarted and installed 
> from source. There was a very long period of no console activity, but 
> I couldn't see any burning need to "Force quit" and I went away and 
> came back 10 minutes later, to find the compliation process begun and 
> then watch it run throught o completion and notice of success. Looking 
> up at the intial portion of the console massages I discovered that 
> about 20 packages were installed, so my initial impatience cause me to 
> prematurely interupt what was probably a normal pause for the packages 
> to be downloaded.
> Normal behavior seems to have been restored after a few temporary 
> moments of cluelessness on my part.

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