[R-SIG-Mac] building R package on Mac OS: R CMD build yields empty directories

Carsten Dormann carsten.dormann at ufz.de
Thu May 20 09:53:49 CEST 2010

Dear Berend,

thanks for your input. It got me onto the right track - sort of.
First, I repeated what you suggested: build an existing version. This 
caused a problem with LaTeX fonts (which then lead to a whole new line 
of trouble because my BasixTeX wrongly claims to be a 2010 release and 
hence TeX Live Manager wouldn't install the missing packages.)

Having fixed that, the old version built properly, but the new one still 
generated the tar.gz with empty directories.
Eventually I found that a (hidden) .Rbuildignore was still in the 
package folder.

As I said, I am new to Mac and learned a lot about UNIX-style rights 
management, hidden files, finder relaunches, ...

Eventually, all seems to work smoothly now.

Thanks again,


On 19.05.10 16:54, Berend Hasselman wrote:
> On 19-05-2010, at 16:19, Carsten Dormann wrote:
>> My problem: although "R CMD build bipartite" works, it produces a nicely packed set of EMPTY directories:
>> cle09:~ dormann$ R CMD build bipartite
>> * checking for file 'bipartite/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
>> * preparing 'bipartite':
>> * checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... OK
>> * cleaning src
>> * removing junk files
>> * checking for LF line-endings in source and make files
>> * checking for empty or unneeded directories
>> WARNING: directory 'bipartite/data' is empty
>> WARNING: directory 'bipartite/inst/doc' is empty
>> WARNING: directory 'bipartite/man' is empty
>> WARNING: directory 'bipartite/R' is empty
>> WARNING: directory 'bipartite/src' is empty
>> * building 'bipartite_1.12.tar.gz'
> I have just downloaded the source of bipartite.
> I ran R CMD build bipartite in the directory containing bipartite.
> No error message.
> It generated a perfectly correct .tar.gz with no error messages.
> By the way, R CMD build<...>  does not produce directories; it produces a<...>.tar.gz
> So it would seem that your bipartite directory is empty.
> Try downloading the source package from CRAN and then run R CMD check.
> Berend Hasselman

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