[R-SIG-Mac] Scripting R

Christian Prinoth Christian.Prinoth at epsilonsgr.it
Fri Jan 30 16:45:07 CET 2009


> As I said in my earlier e-mail AFAICS neither Microsoft nor Apple 
> support plugins and for OO there is already a plugin.

Thanks, I will checkout the OO plugin, this might be the best immediate

> capabilities. (E.g. it will be likely a pain to use anything
> bu simple 
> numbers/vectors). But at least it would be something to play with.

FWIW, RExcel allows passing only scalars, arrays and dataframes between
R and Excel. It would be pointless to try to accomodate any "exotic" R
datatypes on a spreadsheet.

> However, this is an entirely different question. I'm not sure AS is 
> the best tool for this purpose -- but then the options are
> rather few 
> due to lack of plugins ...

Just for curiosity, why do you think AS would not do? I am relatively
new to the OSX platform, but I thought that the "pervasiveness" of
Applescript would eliminate the need for any sort of plugin architecture
since every application can "export" features via an appropriate
dictionnary that may then be accessed system-wide.


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