[R-SIG-Mac] Textmate/ SWeave: Error PDF file not written to disk

Felix Schönbrodt nicebread at gmx.net
Mon Apr 13 10:55:47 CEST 2009

> I ran into the same problem today (at least the symptoms matched)  
> and it took me some time to figure this out... Basically I solved  
> this by copying the file Sweave.sty to the same directory as the  
> the .rnw file. I suppose you can also try to add the path to  
> Sweave.sty. But then, by having the file in the same directory, when  
> you send your stuff to other people, it is more likely that you will  
> include it and prevent your collaborators from having the same  
> problem.

Yes, that's one problem (I solved it by copying the Sweave.sty into my  
texmf-local directory). Unfortunately, it does not solve my real  
problem, because the Sweave does work (--> the .tex-file is produced).

> A related issue is that the "missing Sweave.sty" error isn't shown  
> in the TextMate output when you run "Sweave, Typeset, & View" even  
> though it looks like it should.
>    run_tex "$FILE" 2>&1| latexErrWarnHtml.py -v
> I haven't really looked into this though. For now I just comment out  
> the redirecting part
>   run_tex "$FILE" # 2>&1| latexErrWarnHtml.py -v
> so that I can see the LaTeX errors.

I agree - the problem should lie in the following portion of code in  
the Sweave.tmbundle:

run_tex () {
if [ "$TEX" != latexmk.pl ]
	then "$TEX" ${TM_LATEX_OPTIONS:=-interaction=nonstopmode -file-line- 
error-style} "$1"
	else "$TEX" -f -r "${TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT}/latexmkrc" "$1"

# Compile.
run_tex "$FILE" 2>&1| latexErrWarnHtml.py -v

Unfortunately my skills are to limited to track the error ... maybe  
someone else has an idea?

Best regards,

> Hope this helps,
> Saiwing
>> Dear list,
>> I encountered a problem in the combination of Textmate and the SWeave
>> bundle: when I start "Sweave, typeset & View", the .Rnw-file is
>> processed, but the log window shows "Error: PDF file not written to
>> disk" and the tex-file is not processed.
>> However, the sweaving was successful, as a valid .tex-file is in the
>> same folder which can be typesetted without problem.
>> So, in general it works, I just want to avoid the extra step of
>> opening the .tex-file and would like to see my pdf directly from
>> SWeave-Bundle.
>> Did anyone encounter the same problem / any suggestions for  
>> solutions?
>> Best regards,
>> Felix
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