[R-SIG-Mac] installing package from local directory

Graham Smith myotisone at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 11:33:43 CET 2008



>> I am trying to install DASPlusR, which isn't in the repository, so the
>> package needs to be downloaded from CRAN.
> It's not on CRAN, AFAIK.  The Mac OS X link at
> http://www.statistik.tuwien.ac.at/StatDA/DASplusR/
> is broken.  Please report it to the distributor. You will need to get the
> source package.

You are of course correct, the page looked like a CRAN page and I
assumed the link had taken me to CRAN, but its not broken here, unless
you mean that it links you to the same package as the Linux link.
Though I admit I had assumed they might well have been the same set up
as Macs also use tar.gz.

I am maybe making the mistake in assuming that the packages themselves
are OS independent, and its only the archiving systems that are
different. Is there an actual install program within the archive that
is OS specific.

I shall contact the distributor as you suggest and ask.


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