[R-SIG-Mac] installing package from local directory

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Sun Nov 16 11:54:42 CET 2008

On Sun, 16 Nov 2008, Graham Smith wrote:

> Brian,
> Thanks
>>> I am trying to install DASPlusR, which isn't in the repository, so the
>>> package needs to be downloaded from CRAN.
>> It's not on CRAN, AFAIK.  The Mac OS X link at
>> http://www.statistik.tuwien.ac.at/StatDA/DASplusR/
>> is broken.  Please report it to the distributor. You will need to get the
>> source package.
> You are of course correct, the page looked like a CRAN page and I
> assumed the link had taken me to CRAN, but its not broken here, unless
> you mean that it links you to the same package as the Linux link.

That is what I meant.  'The Mac OS X link ... is broken' since it gives an 
invalid file for a Mac.

> Though I admit I had assumed they might well have been the same set up
> as Macs also use tar.gz.

No, they do not: they use .tgz .

> I am maybe making the mistake in assuming that the packages themselves
> are OS independent, and its only the archiving systems that are
> different. Is there an actual install program within the archive that
> is OS specific.

No, but the files _do_ depend on the package type (souce, win.binary, 

> I shall contact the distributor as you suggest and ask.
> Graham

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