[R-SIG-Mac] curve does not work well??

Peng Jiang jp021 at sjtu.edu.cn
Mon Jun 16 12:07:38 CEST 2008


I use the example code from a R book ,

 > x = rnorm( 100 )
 > hist( x, probability = TRUE, col = gray(.9), main="normal mu = 0 ,  
sigma = 1") #this works well

 > curve( dnorm(x),add =T) # but this does not work and it gives a  
warning .

I am using Leopard and does anybody has ever met the problem?

Peng Jiang
Ph.D. Candidate

Antai College of Economics & Management
Department of Mathematics
Shanghai Jiaotong University (Minhang Campus)
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200240 Shanghai
P. R. China

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