[R-SIG-Mac] quartz.save and tilde

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Tue May 1 23:12:26 CEST 2007


On May 1, 2007, at 4:04 PM, Chabot Denis wrote:

> Until now, I've been able to use the tilde to replace "/Users/ 
> chabotd" in all my R scripts, be it directly or with the use of  
> "paste".
> I am experimenting with quartz.save to produce png files to save  
> the step of producing pdf and transforming them into png later. I  
> need png to reduce file size for a series plots with thousands of  
> points, even though I prefer vector drawings for most situations.
> I have not been able to find any documentation on quartz.save, but  
> if I include the tilde in the file name, something that works with  
> pdf or png devices, it does not work (for me) with quartz.save. I  
> need to give the unabridged path.
> Is there a reason for this?

Yes, the tilde is not expanded. Why is it not expanded? Because the  
author didn't think of it ;). It's fixed now.

> Also, what are the options in quartz.save? I've only managed to use  
> file="path and file"  and type="png" or type="pdf". I've tried to  
> control resolution (res=300) but it had no effect, so for now I  
> change the size of the quartz graphics when I call quartz (which  
> forces me to change pointsize as well to keep proportions of text  
> relative to drawing size the same.

file, type and device are the only options of quartz.save and the  
purpose is to save the image "as-is", directly from the Quartz  
window, so res doesn't make sense here (it would no longer be a  
direct snapshot of the window). I guess it would be possible to do  
what you described, though (Quartz->PDF->PNG of any resolution). I'll  
see if there is an easy way to do that ...


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