[R-SIG-Mac] R crash

Ryan Elmore elmore at stat.colostate.edu
Tue Jan 16 19:43:17 CET 2007

Hello R for mac world,

I just build R 2.4.1 from scratch on a mac mini with a 1.83 GHz Intel  
Core Duo.  I am pretty confident that I did everything listed on  
Simon's wiki page, however, I am experiencing some very troubling  
behavior.  Here is the problem:

Suppose I open an R session by double clicking an R file in a given  
directory.  Now suppose I open another R file in the same or  
different directory.  It seems that if I try to work in both windows  
(editing the files), R will crash with the following message (for  

2007-01-16 11:42:41.361 R[4115] *** -[NSCFArray set]: selector not  
recognized [self = 0x5321b0]
2007-01-16 11:42:41.362 R[4115] *** -[NSCFArray set]: selector not  
recognized [self = 0x5321b0]
.... (it keeps going)

Any help is very much appreciated!  Cheers,

Ryan E.

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