[R-SIG-Mac] Fortran problem aftering transfer to R 2.4.1

Ingmar Visser I.Visser at uva.nl
Tue Jan 16 16:51:09 CET 2007

Dear R & Mac Experts,

I have a package with both external C and Fortran code which ran fine under
R 2.3 After updating R to version 2.4.1 I am getting the following error:

> fit1 <- fitdmm(dat=speed,dmm=mod,meth="npsol")
Initial loglikelihood:  -297.4306
At line 1665 of file NPSUBS.f
Fortran runtime error: Missing format for FORMATTED data transfer

The Fortran code reads:

Line 1663         if (iPrint .gt. 0) then
Line 1664            write(iPrint, '(///// (80a1) )')
Line 1665     $            (' ', j=1, nspace), (title(j:j), j=1,lenT)

My question is what to do about this. Note that the none of the code of the
package has changed. Also I am reluctant to change the Fortran as it is not
my code and I am not even sure what is happening in this bit of the code.

Any hints are welcome, best, Ingmar

PS: I am sorry that I cannot be more specific. In particular I can not
provide an example as the Fortran code is not open source.

> sessionInfo()  
R version 2.4.1 (2006-12-18)


attached base packages:
[1] "stats"     "graphics"  "grDevices" "utils"     "datasets"  "methods"
[7] "base"     

other attached packages:
  depmix     MASS 
 "0.9.1" "7.2-30"

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