[R-SIG-Mac] Local level packages not in path

James jctoll at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 16:46:52 CEST 2007

On Apr 24, 2007, at 7:15 AM, Simon Urbanek wrote:

> That is indeed curious. Unfortunately you didn't  share with us any  
> crucial information such as the version of R and GUI you are using.  
> At least in the current version I cannot reproduce the behavior you  
> describe. Checking the box prepends the local path to .libPaths()  
> as designed.
> Are all other preferences working fine? If not, there may be some  
> permission issues in your home. If they do, you can try to move ~/ 
> Library/R aside to make sure there are no permission issues either.

Here is some info on my setup.  I'm sorry I didn't include that with  
the first message.

 > R.Version()
[1] "i386-apple-darwin8.8.1"

[1] "i386"

[1] "darwin8.8.1"

[1] "i386, darwin8.8.1"

[1] ""

[1] "2"

[1] "4.1"

[1] "2006"

[1] "12"

[1] "18"

$`svn rev`
[1] "40228"

[1] "R"

[1] "R version 2.4.1 (2006-12-18)"

Thanks for confirming what the behavior should be.  I'll keep working  
at it to get it working.

Thank you.


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