[R-SIG-Mac] Missing perl

Stephen Weigand weigand.stephen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 18:14:09 CEST 2007

On 4/24/07, Dick De Veaux <deveaux at williams.edu> wrote:
> I had found the function
> read.xls() in library gdata very useful, until one day I received the
> message
> > filename=file.choose()
> > read.xls(filename)
> Error in system(cmd, intern = !verbose) : perl not found
> Any clues as to how perl suddenly could disappear?
> I don't remember changing anything...
> (I can figure out many workarounds to reading Excel files, but I'm curious
> as to how this happened).
> Thx,
> Dick De Veaux

I'm a big fan of read.xls, too.

perl might not be in your path any longer. You can test this within R with

system("perl --version")

If you can find it on your system, (try system("whereis perl")) you
can add it to your path or pass the full command to read.xls with
e.g., perl="/usr/local/bin/perl".

Rochester, Minn. USA

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