[R-SIG-Mac] Random corruption in saved Quartz graphics

John Daschbach john.daschbach at pnl.gov
Tue Apr 10 22:52:33 CEST 2007

Using R 2.4.1 GUI 1.18 (4038) on a dual G4 and on a Powerbook G4 I have been
seeing random saved Quartz files corrupted.  I am saving the files using


Usually from a source() script.

The corruption looks like a mirror image of a list form directory listing
(although I have seen other corruptions).  The on-screen quartz images are
fine.  It does not happen consistently, sometimes a whole run of 30-40
graphs are all ok, sometimes up to 10 or so are bad.

I'm using these in pdfLateX, so I need the pdf versions.

I have attached an example corrupt file.

It looks like a problem in some Framework(), but where it's getting the
corruption from is a mystery.  The most recent time I had a couple Finder
windows open, neither from the directory with the corrupt files (Desktop).
The Desktop is showing as icons, the corruption is a list view, but clearly
in mirror image.

Very strange, but sort of a show stopper right now.


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