[R-SIG-Mac] Mac or Windows...?

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Fri Nov 10 19:11:25 CET 2006

On Nov 10, 2006, at 12:41 PM, Derrick J -Rick- Bates wrote:

> 	Not results from a MacBook Pro (Intel)
> 	and very limited testing results
> 	but a PowerMac Quad G5 (2.5 GHz)
> 	took about twice as long to run one program
> 	as a Dell WS 670 Quad Xeon (2.8 GHz)
> 	Your Mileage May/Will Vary

Can you be more specific, please? The results vary a lot depending on  
the vecLib you use, which version of the OS etc. because Apple was  
improving vecLib support substantially. The same is true of Windows -  
depending on your BLAS the results will vary a lot. Comparing G5 vs  
MacBook is quite irrelevant because they are entire different  
architectures and Windows doesn't run on G5. If you have some  
specific examples, please let me know so we can test it. Note that R  
2.4.0 on Mac OS X allows you to switch between various BLAS back-ends  
very easily, so you can choose the back-end that suits your  
application most.


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