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Ricardo Rodríguez - Your EPEC ICT Team webmaster at environmentalchange.net
Thu Nov 2 23:23:21 CET 2006

Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC ICT Team>>> Jeff Ryan<jeff.a.ryan at gmail.com> 2/11/2006 03:39 >>>

>What does your /users/rrodriguez/Desktop/mysql-5.0.27 directory look
>like?  Can you find the libmysqlclient anywhere using
>my lib directory put down by the MySQL binary install (I **think** it
>was a binary install - my only mac at the moment is a weak ibook, that
>takes so long to compile anything on I don't usually bother) looks
>[veblen:~] jryan% ls /usr/local/mysql/lib
>libdbug.a               libmysqlclient.a        libmysys.a
>libmygcc.a              libmysqlclient_r.a      libz.a
>libmysql.imp            libmystrings.a
>Actually now that I think of it I may have been using the DarwinPorts
>version - though it really shouldn't matter at this stage - that would
>be another error if there was some sort of compat problem.
>if you can locate it - use the export procedure as you did before -
>only point to the directory that you find it in.  You may need to
>build it from scratch.  Like I said previously, NOTHING has caused me
>more headaches than getting RMySQL to build.
>Keep us posted.

Hi, Jeff, Paul, Simon, all,

It seems to me that I have gone into trouble waters without the required skills! Well, it is a way to gain knowledge. I do hope colleagues out there don't mind this kind of questions.

I think that I am doing things without a clear idea about what I do and/or what I must.

First of all, concerning MySQL, I have a MySQL running instance installed from an universal binary, mysql-max-5.0.27-osx10.4-i686.dmg. It installs/start/stop without a glitch. Here the content of its /mysql/lib folder...

ricardo-rodriguezs-computer:/usr/local/mysql/lib rrodriguez$ ls
libdbug.a               libmysqlclient_r.a      libndbclient.la
libmygcc.a              libmystrings.a          libz.a
libmysql.imp            libmysys.a
libmysqlclient.a        libndbclient.a

Whithin this directory I can found two libmysqlclient*.* files: libmysqlclient.a and libmysqlclient_r.a. 

I have also downloaded and exploded to Desktop a mysql-5.0.27.tar.gz file. I can find libmysqlclient.la in /Desktop/mysql-5.0.27/libmysql folder.

Whatever directory I point to by exporting PKG_CPPFLAGS and PKG_LIBS, I get different errors when I try to build RMySQL.

I can post here each output, but perhaps it could be useful to know what we are looking for and what must we try.

One preliminary question, please, what is the difference between a *.l, a *.la and a *r.a files with the same "name"? What file does content the libraries needed at building time?

As for the compression libraries, Paul is having problems with that, this issue has been solved here by installing the Xcode Tools included with the bundled installation DVD. Just insert the installation DVD, open the Xcode Tools and install then by double-clicking the XcodeTools.mpkg file.

As for last Simon's message in this sam thread, please, does it mean that the problem rely in the RMySQL available release at CRAN?

Sorry if I am messing things!

All the best,

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