[R-SIG-Mac] R + Grass.dmg (spatial package)

massimosisasha massimosisasha at yahoo.it
Wed May 3 16:05:49 CEST 2006

i've a great problem :
i'm using Grass6.1cvs(binary.dmg)
it  use its personal library colled "libgrass" , his complete path  
is :  /usr/local/libgrass
in this library folder there are oll the dapendence for a complete  
grass configuration
(gdal-1.3.2, proj, jpeg, netcdf, hdf, libtiff,......)

I must use R-2.2.1 with spgrass,rgdal,spproj and
  the others usefool spatial packages dedicated to R.

for rgdal i must install gdal-1.3.1
i've build  gdal-1.3.1 + proj-4.4.9 from source ......ok  i've  
installed oll the spatial packages;

but the problem is that now my grass do not work properly !!!
beacouse after the gdal's building from source, grass use the new  
gdal and it  have not  the right configuration!!!

is on this list a R+Grass.dmg  user that can help me ?
this things is for me a seriously problem :-(

thanks for any suggestions !
(sorry for my english)


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